Get to know the holes!

Hole #1 Guanacaste Tree
Par 4 435 yards
The first hole at Hacienda Pinilla starts you off with a tree lined dog leg left. Setting up your second shot is a must off the tee if you want to walk away with a par here. It is important to be able to shape the ball around or go over the Pochote and Guanacaste trees on the corner for the longer hitters and for the shorter hitters to find the middle of the fairway. In the dryer months, you can go through the fairway here. Hitting it too far up the right side will leave you with going around, over or under the large Cenizaro tree that sits 50 yards short of the green on the right side. Finding the center of the fairway or keeping it up the left side is the best option for a clear second shot to the green. This green is an upside down L shape with two tiers and a small pot bunker that fits into the left side of the green. Finding the right tier on your second shot will give you a rare opportunity at birdie on the #2 handicap hole for the course. Missing it short of the green is the best place to miss for a chance at an up and down par if the pin is not back left. On the right side, the green drops off into a collection area with tightly mown grass, which leaves even the skilled short game player with a difficult up and down. A fairway and green approach to this hole will get you off to a good start.

Hole #2 Sloth Tree
Par 4 401 yards
The Par 4 second hole at Hacienda Pinilla is a great opportunity to make a birdie with an accurate tee shot up the left side leaving you 100 to 150 yards from the green. This rolling fairway slopes from left to right downhill and then rises back up to an elevated green that is protected by three bunkers in the front. In dry season the right rough and native grasses come into play if you are not careful. This is a good hole to locate the flag from the tee and decide what side of the fairway you want to attack the pin from. It is important to hit a tee shot that leaves you with a short iron because the green is only about 19 yards deep with a 7 yard false front. The whole green slopes from back to front and a good second shot can turn into a difficult up and down very quickly. An accurate wedge or short iron is the key to this shorter par 4.

Hole #3 Oxcart
Par 3 216 yards
The Par 3 third hole at Hacienda Pinilla seems to be a fairly easy hole at first glance, but do not let your eyes fool you. This hole can catch you off guard with another false front and 2 bunkers around the green. The miss is definitely left of the green on most pin placements. Aim for the middle of the green and take a 2 putt par and walk away. It is always a good par on a Par 3 like this one.